‘It is difficult even in lovely Tuscany to find a place as picturesque, sociable and tranquil….’
— a 19th century traveller

Perched atop a hill in southwestern Tuscany, the magical and picturesque setting of Montalcino is the perfect place to unwind, refresh and rejuvenate. This little medieval village rests in one of the most beautiful and least traveled parts of Tuscany and has remained largely unchanged over the centuries. In addition to the charm and splendor of Montalcino, the village is surrounded by the breathtaking Val d’Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage Natural Park, a must see for visitors.

Take in stunning views that soothe the most restless of souls. Vineyards of the renowned Brunello wine dot the landscape, while a medieval fortress stands guard over the village. Scarcely changed since the 16th century, ancient holm oaks, the symbol of Montalcino, keep guard along the walls as cobblestone roads wind throughout the countryside accompanied by majestic cypress trees.

Although small with only 1400 inhabitants within its walls, Montalcino has over 200 wineries and is home to Italy’s exceptional Brunello di Montalcino wine. Situated 564 meters above the valley and just an hour’s drive from the Mediterranean Sea, the village’s climate boasts warm calming days and cool cozy nights.

We look forward to having you share in the magic of Montalcino and the relaxed enchanting pace of the Tuscan lifestyle!