Michele M. Becci

Michele grew up as part of an Italian American family that originated in Sicily and Le Marche in Italy.  She grew up, along with her brother, helping her mother prepare homemade pastas and other Italian specialties that have left her with an unbridled passion for the Italian lifestyle and its celebration of life, love and food.  Her frequent travels to Italy have led her to the magical village of Montalcino, which she travels frequently and now owns a little apartment with her business partner, Deb. Since 2008, Michele co-authors the award winning blog, Our Italian Table, with her brother.  She is also a frequent contributor to L’Italo Americano newspaper.


Debbie Lencioni Keith

Debbie Lencioni Keith is a second generation Italian American with deep familial roots in Lucca and Pordenone. Some of her fondest memories are of cooking with her Nonnies and hearing stories of the Old Country.  She shares many of these recipes on her website and her blog Debs Recipe a Day.  Combining her connection to the land, her family and spirit of the people of Tuscany is what inspired the Magic of Montalcino.